July 24, 2008


I caught the truly amazing Richard Avedon retrospective at Jeu De Paum in Paris recently. If this exhibition comes your way, definitely check it out. I am not a gallery type, and normally think, if you like an artist so much, why not just buy the book instead of physically going to an exhibit. Of course there were famous images like the Dovima with Elephants, below. (Dovima was a big Lypsinka influence.)

But much of RIchard's work I hadn't seen, including a whole series of sooty-faced coal miners, a photo of young, slimmer Zsa Zsa looking exactly like Barbara Eden (same nose surgeon?) and a nude of of Candy Darling in a gorgeous 'do with her nasty, nelly nuts swinging free. I know that photos inside museums are against the rules, but not everyone can make it over to Paris to see the exhibit!

The whole city is a gallery. Just take a gander at these creative and well-executed if hideous animal hairdo's. The pic's not that great, but I think you can detect the elephant and dog shaped wigs. The tendrils really stank them up, right? Make a perfect shape, then add messy tendrils to spoil it? Very french. Very fashion-y. Totally rotten!

Thankfully, my friend Martin Kala had his camera with him, as we ran into this confection as fashion window. A candied dress! Sweet!!

The same window also featured a golden pan of beautifully arranged marron glaces (candied chestnuts) and a chocolate stiletto that makes you want to put your foot in your mouth!

I was in Paris for a dj gig for the 75th anniversary of Lacoste and the launch of V 54 Sport. Each V issue costs $250 and contains 3 gorgeous polo shirts with photographic prints on them. I know 3 shirts for $250 may seem a little pricey, but some of these images are stunning. Like this one by Richard Phillips which is covered with model Coco's lovely visage.

I am happy to report that unlike the trim-fitting shirts which were in style for the past few years, the large is actually more like an extra large, so pigs like me who may be wary of plunking down $250 for cotton shirts which don't fit and will shrink if machine-dried, needn't worry. Other designers include Pedro Almodovar, Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, Michael Stipe, David Byrne and Karl Lagerfeld.

What a bash! Bureau Betak really knows how to throw one, and models in sailor suits greeted each of the tony guests.

But roll down the gangway, gals! There's a new poisson in town. Meet Bun-Bun, the catch of the day!

Regardez-vouz cette poulet francais adorable! That golden skin color is so appetizing!

I'll be the first to admit that while I admire eccentricity, I don't always cotton to french style.

This photo of Karl Lagerfeld and I (with YSL designer Stefano Pilati in between and an incredulous James Kaliardos of V on the right) from the launch party has been circulatiing on fashion blogs. Elle.com referred to the image of us two nuts as "Couture has been gorgeous and all, but my pick for the most satisfying image of the week comes from off the runway." (I also enjoyed a commenter on Ele.com who simply wrote "Too much lash, not enough eye." I've met Karl a few times and I'm not sure he gets my sense of humor. I immediately and enthusiastically thanked him for designing my dress, which in my mind was kind of a good-natured "read", since I'm fairly sure that my nautical-themed micro-mini with rhinestone-encrusted nude illusion was not exactly his idea of chic. The dress was actually fashioned by former Boybar beauty Miss Glamamore about 7 years ago--and it till fits! (Thank god for stretch fabrics!)

The party was a blast, especially once the notorious Christine Mingo Steinitz Kennedy arrived in a haute wig and designer jewelry of some sort. Also seen, DJ producer Mark Ronson, Martin Kala, studly puerto rican designer Angel Figueroa, my Wigstock partner Scott Lifshutz, and the always bubbly shutterbug Ellen von Unwerth. There were also several trendy young dancers doing a new dance called the techtronic or technotronic? It's kind of like a hip-hop meets vogue meets those fluid glow-stick raver movements.

Here's the real gagger. The boat was docked with the Eiffel Tower shimmering blue in the background. I think this had something to do with Sarkosy's acceptance as head of the EU? (I heard a different explanation each time I asked.) And then the tower magically began to twinkle! Christine and I were so overcome with delight that we simultaneously vomited into each other's assholes! Ooh la la! Mais oui! Paree! Sometimes I have to admit, I LOVE MY JOB!


Blogger Craig said...

Oh Lady Bunny! My partner and I were in Paris all last week - we'd have made a point of crashing that party if we'd known it was happening. And did you LOVE the cheesy/perfect tour boats on the Seine?

6:56 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

haha found! We dont know eachother but my favourite moment of Paris fashion week was when you thanked Karl, I laughed out loud...everybody gasped except Karl and Stefano who giggled...(I was trapped on a deckchair behind you by the pap-fest who were desperate to get the shot of you all together, one said to me "can't you move? Would it be such a big deal?" and I said, "but dear there's nowhere for me to move to!!" It was true! And besides, I wanted to see you all together too!) Seeing this has brightened up my week-end. Come back to Paris soon Lady Bunny!! xx

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

karl still looks better on the one dollar bill.

3:52 PM  

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