June 27, 2008


JOIN PENNY ARCADE AT JOE'S PUB! She just added the show and here are the details!

Penny Arcade has been at the forefront of downtown NY's performance scene for two decades. With the non-stop touring of her hit shows Bitch!Dyke!Faghag!Whore!, True Stories, and Love, Sex, and Sanity she has brought the East Village's downtown sensibility kicking and screaming out of the underground to mainstream attention in 22 cities internationally. Hailed as The Queen of Gay Wit and Wisdom, Penny Creates a special Gay Pride, cum Gay Shame Show especially for Joe's Pub fpr Pride 2008.

The Penny Arcade Generic Queer Show! Sunday June 29th 7:30 pm Joe's Pub 425 Lafayette St @ Astor Place 212-260-2400 $20


Anonymous Anonymous said...

all she does is crab that NYC has changed since she was young

5:30 PM  

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