June 19, 2008


Yesterday, RuPaul and I shot a video for GETZ WILD, a rap (!) duet that we recorded for ANOTHER GAY SEQUEL: GAYS GONE WILD, which is produced by Ellis Miah. I think it will also be featured on the film's soundtrack and you will probably be able to buy the song and video on itunes. As you can see we are up against a green screen so that clips rom the movie will become our backdrop as we "rap" out such lyrics as:

Now work the latest designer
Just like you had a vagina
Fake bitches gone try to outshine ya
But they knoock-off shit come from China.

Look out Fergie and Gwen! You know how we roll!

And here's a scene from the movie, which opens nationwide in August. (That's me in the terry-cloth turban, just in case you weren't sure.)


Blogger Star Queen said...

may I be the very first to say "yay for you!"

7:31 PM  
Blogger Jordy said...

"thin & gorgeous!"

9:22 PM  

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