May 18, 2008


This lead item caught my eye on the AOL NEWS homepage. The heading reads:

Hurricane Study Surprises Experts
Offers New View of Global Warming

AOL is owned by Time Warner. And of course big business is going to benefit from a conservative agenda, which includes breaks to big corporations, including those who would feel the pinch if their greenhouse emissions were limited to slow global warming.

The gist of this article is that a respected scientist has changed his views on global warming. His new findings lead him to think that global warming does not contribute to a larger number of hurricanes in the Gulf. Hurricanes in that one area may even decrease in severity.

I hope he's right. But doesn't one scientist's research discovering one benefit to global warming pale in comparison to the multitude of climate change's horrors? If you read the entire article and watch the slide show, AOL does show images of land erosion, species which are becoming extinct and temperatures rising and mention that 20,000 died of overheating in Europe, 15,000 in India of in 2003. But one of the slides shows huge pieces of ice broken off and mentions another "benefit" to global warming--the Northwest Passage is now, because of record-sized ice chunks breaking of of Greenland, more navigable! Well yeah, and if there's an earthquake, I can go hiking in the hole. If another Katrina-sized hurricane hits, news photographers will cash in snapping the destruction. And if a tornado decimates a family car, imagine how much exercise the family will get walking. If it's not too hot, that is.