January 05, 2008


Last Sunday was one of our best Disco Teas yet--despite the rotten weather. Next week Danny Krivit (who re-edited the voguing classic LOVE IS THE MESSAGE to make it the anthem it became) will spin, but this week it's just little ol' me. Big ol' me? Whateva! And my collection of disco dynamite has been given a jump-start by some new/old disco tracks from RuPaul, who just let me pick and choose from his hard drive and I got some hard to find treats like Suzy Lane's HARMONY (a big Atlanta hit), Stargard's WEAR IT OUT and Janice McClain's garage-y hit SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE. Oh, and The O'jays bombastic LIVIN' FOR THE WEEKEND was just purchased on itunes--they put the full-length version at last! Also notable on itunes: the soul group's power-ballad version of Wildflower, recorded live--it's a 9:17 minute masterpiece remake of the 70's classic. Another great ballad is their down-tempo version NOW THAT WE FOUND LOVE, which became an international disco hit for reggae dance ensemble Third World. Some of The O'jays other hits were BACKSTABBERS, I LOVE MUSIC and LOVE TRAIN.

I started Disco Tea one year ago with promoter Christina Visca and we are both thrilled that it's still chugging along at a healthy pace. Raven O stopped by since she had a night off from The Box. Nick (KISS ME GUIDO) Scotti's fine ass was in there. And there are a few genius dancers who come early and do that ballroom/disco dancing, complete with glow-sticks head-bands and athletic knee socks, tank tops and hot pants--such a gorgeous sight! Lot s of girls (genetic) come to mix it up, too. And some black queens were doing some moves which had my mouth drop last week--I was barely able to mix records. OK, well, I'm barely able to mix anyway, but at least last week I had an excuse!


And Rollerena, the fairy godmother of Studio 54, has become a regular. Kitty Litter, the go-go dancing drag queen said that she took Roller Mama out to HIRO, Erich Conrad's night at the Maritime and had to leave her there cuz the ho wasn't finished partying yet. Then the 60-70ish granny tranny, in her trademark veil, cat-eye glasses and VIETNAM VETS AGAIN THE WAR badge pinned to her collar, landed at an after hours party! Shots--of Geritol! I pray that I have that much energy when I'm her age...next year.

Anyhoo, the night is so laid back that not everyone gets dressed up, and it's early (8:00-1:00) so those of you with jobs can get your groove and drink on without feeling too dismal the next day. I hope you can make it. If you haven't been to a night club where people are cheering the song selections and boogie-ing with their hands up in the air to fantastic, if 25 year old music, you should check us out and come shake your groove thang and shake off a few of those holiday pounds which I know I got hit with!

I think a lot of my friends think that Splash, the primary mainstream gay meat market, is not cool enough for their patronage. Well, Splash isn't edgy, but I must commend them on their super upbeat staff, low cover and a really good vibe including a kick-ass sound system and lighting. At my birthday, very few of my personal friends showed up. Even though I really prefer to have more intimate b'day get-togethers around a favored trough, I was a little disappointed by the how many people who knew me, except those who had mae my acquaintance from Disco Tea. Hey! Make new friends and keep the old. One is silver and the other is too fucking over the hill to consider a night on the town. But even when I'm playing the smashes from your era? I think you'll love it!

So if you're in NYC, I hope to see you out tomorrow night!