September 20, 2007


This is an provocative article. I'm a bit conflicted in my response. On one hand, I'm glad reporters are asking the tough questions and not just kissing a (probably closeted) celeb's ass. On the other hand, I myself wasn't aware that one of the benefits of gay marriage it would illegalize (is that a word?) same-sex domestic abuse. One the imaginary third hand (just imagine that sling and a tub of Crisco!), if they don't rough you up a little, why on earth would you dream of marrying them in the first place? On the fourth hand (more poppers, please!), I think my own views on gay marriage are for different reasons, similar to Queen Latifah's, who seems to be advocating civil unions with out actually naming it. Finally, I find Queen Latifah incredibly appealing.

One thing I'm sure of. I depsise this preachy pass-the-buck-to-Jesus attitude she uses to explain her position on gay marriage:

Queen Latifah: “I don’t think that it should be called marriage. But the idea of it is the same, and you should have the same quality of rights that a married person has. People think of marriage as something that is between a man and a woman, because it was created by God. Well, let God handle the judgment, too. You stay out of it,” Latifah said.


Author Daniel Kusner: But God isn’t the one passing constitutional amendments banning gay marriage.


Good point, Daniel! Queen's relying on god to avoid formulating her own opinion. As so many do. And their view of god's word is tainted by whoever's interpretation of the Bible they prefer. I saw a pathetic t-shirt yesterday of gunned-down rapper Tupac Shakur with the words "Only God Can Judge Me." In Tupac's case, this translates to "Don't ever criticize me. I'll do whatever I want and god can judge me when I die." Well, Tupac darlin', if you were right your thugged out ass is blazing in hell right now.

(Tired segway approaching.) In this article from the SOUTHERN VOICE, a gay magazine from Dallas, Kusner holds Queen's feet to the fire with a series of hard-hitting questions and you get the whole transcript and background. Plus, Daniel writes beautifully and if any state ever needed a liberal journalist, it's Texas. Here's a teaser:


Latifah recently made some bigoted comments about gay marriage. (BUNNY NOTE: Are they really "bigoted' just because you don't agree with her?)

And she’s coming to Dallas to raise money for a domestic abuse foundation.

Doesn’t she realize that prohibiting gay marriage can threaten laws that protect same-gender domestic violence?

It’s been five days, and Queen Latifah still hasn’t called the Dallas Voice offices. But her publicists have — not that they’re talking about scheduling a follow-up interview.

Her handlers are shitting bricks because of two questions Dallas Voice posed to Latifah regarding an interview in the September 2007 issue of Glamour magazine, which features her royal highness on the cover.

Not only is Latifah an undeniable super talent, Latifah is a Cover Girl spokesperson who has revolutionized cultural perceptions. She’s a big-boned ebony seductress who vacillates between butch and glam while every entertainment industry kisses her luscious ass: music, movies, fashion.

And she’s a lesbian icon — who’s as out as Jodie Foster.

Interviewers who ask Queen Latifah if she’s gay always get the same answer: that her personal life is personal. Latifah also says questions about her sexuality are “insulting.”

If rumors are billowing around Queen Latifah, she’s helped fan the flames.

In “Chicago,” Latifah’s turn as a lesbian warden was so convincing that she got an Oscar nod. And at the “Hairspray” premiere, Latifah’s red-carpet date was Jeanette Jenkins, her longtime personal trainer.

Latifah’s rattled closet is addressed in the Glamour interview: In it, she said the rumors are trying to “bring her down.” But that’s not all.

“The gay thing hasn’t messed up my appeal to the gentlemen, because I have never had any problems meeting men. Maybe they get turned on by the idea of that!” Latifah said.



Blogger Star Queen said...

I heard this queen talking in the waiting room down at the obgyn and I thought she was a woman till she got up and Marcia p johnsoned right across the room wearing a "is God gonna judge me for loving or you for hating?" tee shirt

go gettit gerl

8:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I HATE Queen! For me, Hairspray came to a screeching halt evertime she was onscreen. Aretha or Etta James would have been so much better in that part - even Monique would have been better. Fuck Queen and her coy "am I or aren't I, Jesus" attitude.

9:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bun Bun, what's with this conflict? "I kinda agree with Queen, but I kinda hate her comments." WTF

To be honest, if gay marriage were legal across the country I'd be happy and celebrate, but still wouldn't marry my partner of countless years. But I'm not an institutions-loving guy. Still I support equal rights for everyone. And civil unions are a 'separate but equal' equation (no pun intended). For the life of me, I can't understand anyone in the LGBT community not supporting them for the sake of basic civil rights.

But here's my solution: Let's tell the State to get out of the marriage biz altogether. Civil unions for everyone. Hets, gays, any couple that feels they constitute a family and would like the protections and responsibilities that go along with it. Then let their respective religious institution do the marrying. Let atheists and agnostics who want to marry find a secular organization that is not associated with the State.

Back to the Queen -- who cares if she's a Lez. After that interview, she totally bores me. It seems that whole "I'm not afraid of shit" bravado is all act. Give her the Oscar!

1:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

QL thinks that gay people should have the same rights, but it shouldn't be marriage?

So she, as a black woman, should be allowed to ride the same bus as whites, but the back seat is ok? And here we were celebrating Rosa Parks and others who stood up for full equal rights, when it turns out that we only need partial rights.

QL sucks -- and not in the fun, sloppy way!

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

America is going to hell in a hand basket and America will also have on gasoline drawers!

8:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Latifah will do whatever she wants like many stars do the outcome of fans on her appeal will be affected but I doubt she will care. The time of trying to remain likable to fans is gone . She could care less what they think.I personally don't like that a professional black woman finds companionship to that point within the same sex. Does my opinion count no. I just will not endorse her .Live Laugh and Love Queen . I keep my ideas back in the closet behind my fake smile.

6:40 AM  

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