December 22, 2006


The black female stripper who accused 3 Duke U lacrosse players of rape has lost on the top charge because she can't recall actual penetration into her vagina. Was this because of the presence of the alcohol and drugs in her system which caused her to pass out after her initial statement? I mean, how could you not remember three horny young athletes penetrating you?"

"They were white!"

I'm sorry. I know that rape is never funny.

Unless you're raped by a clown, that is. If you don't believe me, just ask David Gest.

But the three Durham academics may still may be found guilty of sexual offense and kidnapping."Oh yeah! That's right. We hired a stripper when fucked up. We kidnapped her and committed a sexual offense, but we didn't rape her." Not in her pussy. The ol' Bill Clinton defense. But they may have forced her to blow them. Does anyone have their number?

Two separate DNA testings showed no match, though the (now pregnant) girl's underwear contained several other men's DNA. Does DNA come out in the wash? If not, I may have several hundreds of men's DNA deposits lodged turdside in my Depends TM.

She also gave a dozen different versions of her story to authorities and could not pick her attackers/employers out of a line-up. She apparently ID'ed one of the pics shown of a guy with facial hair as one of her assailants. Well, what if he had just finished rimming her and the coke loosened her bowels (I'm told that this happens) enough to where she shat diarrhea in a goatee-like pattern on his face? Just call me Super Sleuth, folks!

What a weird case! A CNN commentator speculated that a local black official pressed the case forward with lnsufficient evidence in an attempt to win votes in an upcoming election. It's hard for me to celebrate Christ's birthday with such a dark cloud over my birth state. Not that I meant to link my humble birth to The Savior's in the same sentence. No his birth wasn't humble. Mine was. Wait, he was born in a mangy ol' manger.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? (Besides Bunny is really off her gourd today?)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When does the e-bay auction start for those Depends, I really wanna' take a sniff.

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Blogger Lady Bunny said...

Wait! Cinammon was on her period? So that explains the moustache! But the reason this is a big deal is so we don't think about the troops that are moving towards the Middle East and the upcoming draft. We're already tired od Rosie vs The Donald. --LB

5:26 PM  
Blogger imnotstopping said...

Your right, Lady B - like Vietnam, the media is fed stories to distract us from the war that's killing innocent people.

Greetings to you from another (older) B**th*m boy ♥

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Duke lacked courage

I have to agree with Gordon Grunte’s comments [Letters, Dec. 20] regarding how Duke University’s leadership handled the initial phase of the lacrosse story. My wife and I were upset with the lack of reason and courage exhibited by Duke’s leadership during that period and how they turned on and punished the entire team.
The only words of reason and support for these young men (the true victims) came from some of their fellow students. It was clear that many team members were guilty of bad judgment and poor behavior and that they probably violated team rules and Duke policies.

But regarding the rape charge—to anyone with an open mind and an understanding of our legal system, it should have been obvious that this case lacked merit and smacked of political opportunism. As one who loved the university even before I was fortunate enough to attend it (MBA,1981), I had always admired the tradition of Duke’s leadership and vision, as exhibited by leaders such as the late Terry Sanford.
This great university, its students, faculty, alumni, the Durham community and the great state of North Carolina need better leadership at Duke.


Where’s the Durham outcry on lacrosse case?

You are right, Mike Silver. I am also tired of hearing from so many people across this great nation about the lacrosse crime. I ask you, where is the local outcry of the crime committed in Durham? All crimes should have proper punishment, regardless of race, financial or political status.

Yes, a serious crime was committed here, but, not by three Duke lacrosse players. Far too quick judgment brought shame and much undue anguish on them, their families, their teammates, their coach, Duke University and the entire community of Durham. Shame on Mike Nifong and shame on all those who elected him to office. Shame on Duke for not giving more support from the beginning. Shame on The Herald-Sun for jumping in too early with judgment.

Allowing these remaining serious charges to go on and on continues to hurt all of us in Durham and beyond who care about honesty and justice. Unfortunately, the new dropped rape charge has done lasting damage to all actual rape victims for years to come. I ask again … where is the Durham outcry and sense of honor?


Resign and apologize

I stated a while back that regardless of any upcoming situations, Mike Nifong would eventually drop this insane case, after of course he secured his vote in November. Now that he has secured his position, along with some serious national heat he’s drawn upon himself, he’s decided to drop the charges. Now he claims it’s only because the woman has now stated she cannot say with certainty that she was raped.

If that was his true reasoning, then why wasn’t it dropped long ago when the former accuser had eight different stories? Point blank, Nifong used the race card among blacks to get his votes. The only real winner in this situation, despite being a single mom bearing yet another child, is the deranged individual herself, who will be receiving free education from no other than Jesse Jackson.

Dropping the case isn’t enough. Nifong should be forced to resign and apologize to the families he’s hurt. I cannot imagine how this man shows his face in public, without feeling like crawling under a rock.

Oh and if he’s reading, he might also want to drop those ridiculous kidnapping and sexual misconduct charges. Lord knows, it’s only going to cause him more embarrassment.


Nifong turns to Times

I had to laugh when I read that Mike Nifong gave a three-hour interview to The New York Times. Putting aside his numerous previous statements that he would save all commentary for the courtroom, let’s focus on who he turned to when he decided to deviate from his self-imposed strategy.

Will breaking his silence by turning to a big New York publication cost him the support of this paper’s editorial staff? After all, they have printed sympathetic story after sympathetic story on Nifong’s behalf and he doesn’t even repay them with the scoop of his first comments in months?

And what about all the letter writers angry that citizens outside of Durham have voiced opinions in this case? Now Nifong has himself encouraged further meddling from outsiders in a case that he had previously stated requires “a Durham solution.”


Stubborn and misguided

I was glad to see the rape charges dropped against the three Duke lacrosse players, I only wish the rest of the case had been dismissed as well. Mike Nifong has shamefully represented the office of the District Attorney and has ruined three young men’s lives in the process. He knew from the beginning that his case had no merit, yet to save his own butt for re-election, he chose to charge the three men with rape to save face for the election.

He is a disgrace to the law profession, and if he had any dignity left at all, he would do the right thing and step down from his office. If I were a citizen in Durham I would be ashamed that Nifong represents me as district attorney. I look forward to the day the rest of the charges are either dropped or the defense makes Nifong look like an idiot in court and the jury finds not guilty on the remaining charges. Maybe then he will realize what a tragic error he has made. But then again, seeing how incredibly stubborn and misguided Nifong is, I wouldn’t count on it.


Where is the state bar?

Mike Nifong is holding on tightly to the lesser charges only to save face and in the hopes that a gerrymandered jury will give him a conviction to justify his irresponsibility and criminality. Back in the 1990’s, United States District Judge Stanley Sporkin, having heard a series of savings and loan fraud cases, lamented, rhetorically and in hope, “Where were the lawyers?” It was his belief that lawyers for the fraudsters should have inserted themselves more aggressively into the process in an effort to mitigate the financial damage that was being wrought.

It is similarly fair now to ask “Where is the North Carolina State Bar Ethics Committee?” If a lawyer who happens to be a public official obstructs justice in violation of North Carolina law and in derogation of his oath of office, does that official have absolute immunity from ethical challenge—or is the North Carolina State Bar just another political player and race pimp? Such are the government structure of Durham County and the Duke administration, which was politically constrained to sacrifice a few white kids’ lives to mollify Rev. Al Sharpton and the other gods and demigods of racial intimidation.


Again, the left tries to define media coverage

W. Russell Robinson [Letters, Dec. 23] must be sleeping in class. As an “instructor of mass communications,” he must be asking a rhetorical question. “What is so newsworthy about this story?” I can’t believe he has to ask. Then again, the idea of mass

communications, that is propaganda, is the extreme left’s definition of the news media. As an instructor, does he promote the manipulation of news by the media to, as he writes “effectively [change] the relations along the divides of race, gender and class ...”? Is that a news media purpose?

Most of us in the uneducated multitudes somehow still think a “newspaper” does not have the responsibility or right to “effectively [govern] the daily course of our lives.”
Try reading the coverage in The Herald-Sun once without your myopic view—if only the poor were rich there would be no injustice. It takes me half a month to earn what the accuser gets paid for an hour of her “services.” You do the math.

The events have happened to real people, their lives are changed forever, rich or poor, righteous or evil, true or false.


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