December 08, 2006



Blogger Cie Cheesemeister said...

The one about the baby is so sick and so sad. Don't the families notice when their loved one is acting bizarre? (Well, mine notices, but I'm Mostly Harmless and would never microwave a baby.) Andrea Yates' family noticed, but yet her husband didn't insist that she remain hospitalized. As someone who suffers from mental illness myself (bipolar disorder) I know how hard it is to get treatment--and then to get treated like a human being. But when one starts having thoughts about harming their children, I wish they would take the children to a hospital, fire station, social services, and say "you have to take them or I'm going to hurt them."
Aw hell, I don't have any good answers. I just think it's the worst thing when harm befalls an innocent child.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if she pricked it first with a fork before cooking it, I know in the past, when I've done baked potatoes in the microwave and I had forgot to prick them, they exploded, and so I had to have mashed potato instead. My sister had suffered from post natal depression, with her first born, Rocco, and when she showed me the baby, I suffered from it too. Hideous thing it was, with a mop of bright ginger hair. However, she did the sensible thing and sold it on e-bay, to a collector. If Andrea Yates had internet access maybe she could have earned a few quid too.

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