December 15, 2005


Stop the press! A week or so ago I dissed RENT, though I admitted I'd never seen it. I was especially critical of the fact that a drag is wearing a Santa Claus look, but apparently, the plot explains her ensemble. It was just an image I'd seen for years in association with the play. I'm told that the drag is a scene-stealer in the film.

But that doesn't mean I didn't cringe when a dj last night played 5 Hundred 25 Thousand Six Hundred Minutes--REMIX, although some black gal did hit some incredible notes toward the end and the tune is--I hate to admit it, catchy. Maybe not the best candidate for a house remix, but catchy nonetheless.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can help but say.....I loved the movie and play. It was one of the best movies i've seen all year. I cant help but say that this movie reminds me of my life. People dying and living with AIDS...and the other half addicted to some kind of drug

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