September 20, 2005


I love it when people send me things, whether funny links or photos, interesting articles, even "sexy" messages like this one:

Hi, I have a question, when a straight man is humping a transexual, is he getting pussy or ass because gay men say that when a man is humping them, they say do you like my ass?? When women are getting hump by a man she say do you like my pussy?? I weird because tranny's are women are they??

Honey, I forwarded this to my dad for a full answer. But I also received the following note with a link to Barbra Streisand's new Junior Vasquez remix of her new song, NIGHT OF MY LIFE.

Hi bunny,

I have been jamming to your tunes latley and love them! Well, I loved the google linc in your blog this morning ... so, I wanted to share this barbra remix with ya ... just incase you have not been hearing it ten thousand times allready... ( At Barbra's website I had to send five people the information about her new album in order to get this linc... lol ... so here is the linc)

its for "night of my life"

Crazy... she really gets all street babs' in it and breaks it down.. with saying "AINT" ... lol ... I love the remix!

"Aint no early warning.. tell me that you want it! Tell me what I do for you!"



The notion of "street babs" was just too intoxicating to ignore. I visited the link and I'm not as thrilled as Shane about the remix. I haven't heard the original version of the song, but the remix is awful. My mom tells me I it's more polite to say that "I don't care for something" rather than "I hate it." So I don't care for it. In my opinion, it should never have been remixed. I prefer dance songs that are written to be dance songs. Occasionally a ballad can withstand a remix (Heather Headley's I WISH I WASN'T and Deborah Cox's NOBODY'S SUPPOSED TO BE HERE are good examples), but I usually resent the tracks which fail on the r&b charts so the record company remixes them for the gays. Just throw a beat behind and the fags will love it, gurl! It can be kind of mindless. I'll never forget that cheap remix of Mary J. Blige's YOUR CHILD that was big in gay clubs a few years ago. Mary's album cut is a gut-wrenching ballad about about a dead-beat dad who has the nerve to deny his paternity of his child, whose eyes look just like his. Admittedly, the word "girlfriend" is used prominently, but it struck me as a very poor idea to swirl up this ballad in a bunch of cheap "circuit"-sonding synths and hard beats, so that muscle marys could swish gaily to an upbeat version of Mary's heartfelt original. Some songs just shouldn't be remixed.

Others should not be recorded at all! I'm perhaps not the best judge of Barbra's music--take away my gay card but I've always preferred her movies--however, I can safely say that this remix is dreadful. Against the "dark" production, the major chords sound even cheesier. And it sounds like the music is too fast for the song. As much as I'd love to see Miss Streisand on the gay club circuit with a dance diva comeback a la Cher, this remix seems so out of touch. I'd be curious to hear what others think of it. Her voice still sounds powerful, but I'll take STONEY END over this junk any day.

But to her credit, B.S. did do a song and video relating to the Iraq war. "Wearing an evening gown and intense expression", no less. Good ol' liberal Barbra!

from by Geoff Boucher

Streisand's "Stranger in a Strange Land" debuted Tuesday on a notable parcel of Internet real estate — it will spend one week as an exclusive (and free) streaming video on the home page of merchant It is culled from "Guilty Pleasures," the singer's upcoming collaboration album with Bee Gees singer Barry Gibb, who wrote and produced all the songs for the project, slated for a Sept. 30 release. Twenty-five years ago, the pair teamed for the Grammy-winning album "Guilty," and its hits, among them "A Woman in Love" and the title track.

The video shows Streisand, wearing an evening gown and an intense expression, singing lyrics that include "You may be someone else's sweetheart / Fighting someone else's war, / And if you suffer for the millions / Then it's what you're fighting for." The video intercuts her studio performance with footage of American troops shipping off to theaters of war past and present.

And winding up, I heard a cute Barbra tale in LA. A friend attended the Oscars a few years ago and was told by his date that La Stresand was there, to which he shrieked "BARBRA FUCKING STREISAND?!" so loudly that the diva overheard him. Mortified, his group was later introduced to her and after meeting everyone she sweetly took him aside and said "By the way, it's just Barbra Streisand."


Blogger DJ Fruit Loops said...

Ive gotten so many negative responses to this Jr Mix of Babs Track (people were acting as if i had produced it myself and got downright nasty about it)

there are other mixes the best being the L.E.X Mix
I havent heard the album cut but have been told its sort of disco ish

But it aint no Pussycat Song thats for sure

Please Lady B let us all know wehn you have a full album

2:44 PM  
Blogger Lady Bunny said...

I'm surprised that it's disco-ish. I might like that more. It sounds like a slow song remixed. Anyway, I'm glad that you know what I'm talking about! I'll try to check out the L.E.X. mix.

No word on a Bunny album but I appreciate you askin'! --B

9:08 AM  
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